About: Who We Are

All of Us or None is a grassroots civil rights organizing initiative, started in 2003 by formerly-incarcerated people and our families.  We are a national community and family of people who have survived the prisons and jails of America. All of Us or None is sponsored by Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, based in San Francisco.  We have chapters and organizers in several states, and several cities in California. Our goals are:

  • To win full restoration of our civil and human rights after release from prison or jail
  • To eliminate all forms of discrimination based on arrest or conviction records
  • To advocate for the human rights of people in prison

All of Us or None gathering in Los Angeles

In 2003, 2004, and 2009, we organized a series of Peace and Justice Community Summits in seven places in California. At the Summits, formerly-incarcerated people and our families identified the barriers we face coming back from jail or prison, and we made policy recommendations to decision-makers to eliminate those obstacles.  We identified pervasive discrimination based on arrest or conviction history as a barrier to our survival. Our families and communities are suffering because of this discrimination, so we initiated the Ban the Box campaign. The goal of the campaign is to eliminate the discrimination people face because of a past arrest or conviction.

For more information about how to find or organize a chapter of All of Us or None, and to learn about our other campaigns click here

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